Welcome to God's House Zambia

Through God's leading and the remarkable faith of a family half a world away, in 2006, Burgess Sindowe met Pastor Ryan McCarty on the steps of God's House Marion. From there the story of God's House Zambia was born. Before coming to the United States on a mission from God, Pastor Burgess and his wife Patricia left their stable jobs with the Zambian government and started leading a Bible study in their home with their young girls.

Over the past decade, God has intertwined the minds, hearts, and spirits of God's House leadership across the world. We have purposed, planned, and executed the planting of 2 God's House locations Zambia, as well as the Ceelelo School. Ceelelo School serves one of the most impoverished and vulnerable places in Zambia, the Linda Compound. 

The mission and vision of God's House Zambia is the same as each of our God's House Ministries - to make uncommon love common. Burgess and his wife Patricia, have faithfully heeded God's calling to love those in their community, and have since seen doors open for continued work not just in their village, but at the national and regional levels, too, as Burgess and the church leaders boldly walk in faith, tackling the spiritual, educational, and physical needs in Zambia.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Zambia, as they face challenges not uncommon to those living in the area, and that they would continue to make uncommon love common.