Life Groups

ways to connect

At God's House, we believe that life groups empower people to get to know one another in a way the Sunday morning experience may not.  Below is a list of opportunities to get connect, grow, support, and serve.

1) New Believers/Seekers Class - Do you have questions about the Christian faith or are new in your walk with Christ?  This is a perfect welcoming class that seeks to encourage you to find truth. Meets 9am on Sundays.

2) Women's Group - The women's group meets Monday nights at 6:30pm until 8.  This vibrant group loves hanging out together, enjoying each other's company, supporting, and serving.  Also, the first Sunday of the month is their carry-in where you can come, get great food and hang out!

3) Men's Group - The men love to just dig into Scripture and understand what is God speaking to us.  They love conversing and want to encourage anyone who walks into the group!  They meet at 9am on Sunday.

4) Life Recovery Group - This group is one for people who are recovering from ANYTHING in life!  It could be addiction, but it could be the way you were raised or dealing with stress.  The main purpose of the group is to support you in your walk as you heal and walk by faith into newness of life.  The group meets at 7pm on Thursdays.

5) Prayer Group - This hearty group meets every Wednesday night at 7pm to pray for the church, the needs of the our community, and most importantly sit quietly in the presence of God. 

6) Young Couples Group - This energized group meets Sunday mornings at 9am.  Since they are at the same life stage, they have found great things to talk about that they can encourage each other with every week.  They are currently reading through marriage and financial books.

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