God's House Kids

(for 0-5th grade)

Remember being bored at church when you were a kid? Not at God's House! Your children will ask you to bring them back next Sunday after they learn about God in ways that will make them laugh and have fun. Fun is the best word to describe it! We offer a nursery for babies and programs for all other grades at our 10:30am gathering on Sundays.

Your children will experience God through teaching and hands-on activities from an experienced staff of helpers that love spending time with kids. All children's ministry is located downstairs. Stairs are located past the cafe and through the double doors. You will be greeted and asked to sign your children in before service and then out again after service ends.

Questions? Feel free to contact our Children's Pastor Erica Eyer at ericaeyer.ghm@gmail.com.

God's House Youth

(for Jr. and Sr. High)

It is a unique ministry made just for youth. Both Jr. High and Sr. High meet at the same time, but are separate and have their own environments. Snacks, small groups, games, Bible study, group discussion and more happen every week. on Sundays from 5-6:30pm. 


Questions? Feel free to contact Youth Minister Anthony Eyer at anthonyeyer.ghm@gmail.com .